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Corydalis for Pain is one of the 13 herbs in PMS Relief
Has Dang Gui, Corydalis and 11 other herbs
Corydalis root gives you fast pain relief


Fast “Natural PMS & Cramp Relief” That In reality Works “100% natural PMS/Cramp Relief” for all your “menstrual cycle” related symptoms. “PMS Relief Herb Pack” is for: ? “Painful Period Cramps” ? Back Pain ? Bloating, ? PMS & Irritability ? Achy Feeling, ? Breast Tenderness ? Body aches associated with monthly “menstrual cycles” Take Back Your Day! Don’t Let PMS & Cramps Keep watch over Your Life! After 2 -3 months of use you may find you wish to have less “PMS Relief Herb Pack” than before. Continuously your “menstrual cycle” will normalize after several months and you may not need it at all. Our all “natural Chinese herbs” are cooked and dried into a powder and are easy to mix with water and drink as a tea. Packets are pre-measured doses. Packets are convenient to carry, easy to use, safe and effective within an hour. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or receive a full refund. Our Chinese herbs are safe and effective to take even 4x per day. (But we doubt you would need that many packets a day.) “PMS Relief Herb Pack” can also be used in the course of your cycle at ovulation for moodiness and irritability. If you have been suffering with “painful periods” or have only minor symptoms that are just slightly bothersome either way “PMS Relief Herb Pack” soothes and naturally balances your body, you barely notice you even have your period. Take at the onset of “menstrual cycle” and as needed all the way through your cycle. There are quite a lot of ways to take care of yourself and a variety of ways to reduce your “PMS symptoms”. Eating right, exercising, watching your weight, reducing your stress, get enough sleep, but on occasion even when you are doing everything you’ll be able to, you still need help to get you through those 5 days a month.

Corydalis for Pain is among the 13 herbs in PMS Relief
Has Dang Gui, Corydalis and 11 other herbs
Corydalis root gives you fast pain relief
Highest Quality Ingredients- Quality Assurance Guaranteed
Clinically Proven Effective

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